Johnson & Associates Wins Summary Judgment in Easement Dispute Case

GALVESTON, TEXAS (September 11, 2019)— Johnson & Associates Member Justin Kornegay represented a Santa Fe, Texas resident both individually and as executor if his mother’s estate, who was sued by a neighbor claiming an easement benefiting the client’s land was void and the land was owned by the neighbor. Mr. Kornegay conducted an analysis of the relevant property deeds and transactions, as well as a survey of the property, and moved for summary judgment arguing that the easement created in 1967 was an express easement appurtenant which ran with the title to the client’s property. The Plaintiff neighbor also moved for summary judgment on her claims that the easement was void and unnecessary, and that the land now belonged to her. On September 11, 2019, Galveston County District Judge Patricia Grady denied the Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment and Granted Johnson & Associates Motion for Summary Judgment, entering final judgment in favor of Mr. Kornegay’s client. 

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