The construction industry in Texas is booming; and, while this is good for business, it’s also causing an increase in construction law issues. Construction projects are no small undertaking, so when a legal dispute occurs, it can cause the project to suffer serious financial hardship and delays. Because of this, it is extremely important that any issues are promptly put in the hands of an experienced attorney.

Causes of Construction Litigation

According to the 2018 Global Construction Disputes Report, most construction litigation is caused by contract disputes. Contract disputes arise often in the construction industry because unlike other types of contracts, construction contracts are written in real time. This means every small change that occurs during the course of a project needs to be thoroughly and specifically documented in updated contracts to prevent litigation. Even if this is done, disputes can still arise due to errors and omissions, poor contract administration, and contractual misunderstanding.

While contract disputes are one of the most common causes of construction litigation, it is far from the only one. Our firm regularly helps clients with issues relating to warranties and construction defects, eminent domain and condemnation, development agreements and property management agreements, compliance and violations of the Texas Residential Construction Act (RCLA), and enforcing mechanics and materialman liens.

How Johnson & Associates, PLLC Can Help

Our experienced construction law attorneys know the construction industry and the laws that shape it. We understand how a legal issue can bring your project to a stop and how that can drive up the cost of the project. When projects are under tight deadlines and budgets, any legal issue can kick off a chain of events with the potential to end the project. With this understanding, we work quickly and efficiently to resolve issues and get projects back on track.

Unlike big firms, we work very closely with our clients to fully understand their needs. With us, no one gets “lost in the shuffle.” We work to analyze your situation and devise personalized and strategic tactics to bring a swift and successful resolution to your legal problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced League City construction law attorneys.

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