Johnson & Associates, PLLC handles a wide array of real estate litigation matters. Our trial attorneys are experienced in handling disputes between buyers and sellers of real estate property, residential and commercial landlords and tenants, and between borrowers and lenders, among others. If you are facing a real estate litigation issue, let us help you with your claim. We understand all claims are different, so whether your claim goes to court or into alternative dispute resolution, we are there to protect your interests and provide top notch legal services.

How Johnson & Associates, PLLC Can Help

The legal team at Johnson & Associates, PLLC represents property owners, buyers, sellers, real estate developers, secured lenders, loan participants, as well as landlords and tenants involved in property disputes and real estate litigation throughout Texas. Our extensive experience includes a range of of real estate issues, such as:

  • Lease disputes (both residential and commercial)
  • Title disputes and quiet title actions
  • Restrictive covenant disputes involving homeowners associations and condo owners associations
  • Contract disputes during the sale of property
  • Easements, variances, and boundary disputes
  • Land use and zoning requirements
  • Claims of statutory fraud or material non-disclosure involving sellers, brokers, agents, and inspectors
  • Disputes over option terms or rights of first refusal
  • Real estate brokers’ commission claims and contract disputes
  • Title insurance claims

Don’t wait to talk to one of our attorneys about your real estate claim. Because property is often the most valuable asset an individual or business will own or use, it is extremely important that legal matters involving property are handled carefully. Real estate law involves a distinct set of rules and time frames. Employing inexperienced lawyers or waiting too long to talk to an attorney could jeopardize your claim.

League City Real Estate Lawyers

The League City real estate lawyers at Johnson & Associates, PLLC provide fast, cost-effective, and personalized assistance in all real estate matters. We understand the complexities and nuances of real estate law and aggressively represent clients to obtain a successful result. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated real estate lawyers to see how we can help you resolve your issue.

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