Johnson & Associates Granted Summary Judgment on Will Interpretation

Galveston County, Texas (May 12, 2023) – Johnson & Associates secured a Final Judgment in a will interpretation dispute in the Probate Court of Galveston County, Texas. Johnson & Associates Partner Christopher Johnson and Senior Associate Morgan Jenkins represented their client in a dispute over the interpretation of the holographic will left by the client’s late husband. Johnson & Associates filed a petition for declaratory judgment seeking a judicial interpretation of the will after their client and the remaining heirs disputed the interpretation of a buyout provision of the holographic will. The Defendants asserted several affirmative defenses, including estoppel by election. Defendants also asserted counterclaims seeking their own interpretation of the Will and seeking to have the buyout provision in dispute declared unenforceable. The parties submitted cross motions for summary judgment to the Court seeking rulings on the interpretation of the Will and Defendants’ claims. On May 12, 2023,  the Court entered a judgment finding that the Will is not ambiguous, interpreting the Will in favor of Johnson & Associates’ client, and dismissing Defendants’ claims.

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