Johnson & Associates Obtains Judgment Enforcing Oral Contract

Chambers County, Texas (December 1, 2022) – Johnson & Associates obtained a Final Judgment totaling $278,387.00 for their client in a lawsuit to enforce on oral agreement for ownership interest in a construction company. Partner Christopher Johnson and Senior Associate Morgan Jenkins represented an individual to enforce his agreement with Defendants to be 50/50 partners in a new construction company operated under the veil of the Defendants’ existing limited liability company. After the Defendants’ failed to make equal distributions and refused to provide any accounting for the business’s income, Johnson & Associates asserted claims against the individual Defendants and LLC for breach of contract, among other claims. The evidence was presented to the Judge at a bench trial. After post-trial motions for entry of judgment, the Court entered a judgment in favor of Johnson & Associates’ Client on December 1, 2022, finding that Defendants breached their agreement with Plaintiff and awarding Plaintiff $193,000.00 in actual damages plus an additional $85,387.00 in attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred to enforce the agreement.

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